This will be covered in the service agreement, in particular for NDIS participants.  If you need to cancel your appointment please contact Peter at least 24 hours prior. A “no show” will be viewed as an appointment.

As a participant of Challenging Minds, you have the right to;

  • Be respected for my individual human worth
  • Not to be judged or discriminated against for my life choices
  • Be free of abuse, neglect, violence and preventable injury
  • To be treated in a courtesy and respectful way
  • To have every opportunity to express my needs and to be able to highlight when I feel the support I receive is no longer suitable
  • To be informed about a range of services outside of all mind body in a way that supports my choice and control
  • Influence my own decision making
  • To have access to my personal information
  • To seek and appoint an advocate
  • To know I am able to make a complaint without fear of retribution
  • Privacy and confidentiality of my personal information
  • To be able to withdraw my consent to share information which whom ever, when ever
  • To have my cultural heritage recognised and supported and links to my family, culture and community fostered
  • Complain or seek a review about actual, perceived restrictive practices to an external body

As a participant of Challenging Minds, it is your responsibility to;

  • Provide feedback on the service you receive to assist in you getting the best possible service
  • Respecting others who may either support you or be part of the service
  • Inform staff if you are unable to make the appointment so alternate arrangements can be made and your appointment potentially offered to someone else
  • Participate in the support in a non-violent or aggressive way
  • Not to attend an appointment substance affected