How do I contact?

Follow the contact tab, or simply contact Challenging Minds on 1300 918 994 or [email protected]

What happens if I want to end my services?

A service agreement will be created for the agreed services outlining extending or ceasing services.

What happens if I want to make a complaint?

You are welcome to make a complaint either directly to Peter and/or by completing a complaints and feedback form that will be provided to you or by contacting the NT complaints commission directly.

Making a referral

People can either self-refer or referrals can be made by service providers, family members, Guardians, carers or significant others.

We encourage you to contact Challenging Minds prior to making a referral to ensure that the services provided best match your needs and requirements.

One of our service professionals will talk you through in more detail the services offered and give you the opportunity to talk through the issues of concern. If this is not the right service for you, we will work with you to suggest more suitable services.