Challenging Minds Pty Ltd is an NDIS registered provider of Therapeutic and Positive Behaviour Supports. At present, Challenging Minds operates throughout the Northern Territory but is looking at future expansion in other regional areas across Australia.

We provide high-quality services and can be best described as “boutique”, specialising in disability, mental health, substance use, dual disability, early onset dementia and dual diagnosis. We are also looking to expand into training and early intervention. This expansion marks an exciting time for Challenging Minds, but more importantly, for participants, their families and loved ones. Our commitment is to increase the capacity of individuals, services, and communities to thrive, thus improving the quality of life of people we are proud to support.

For all of us at Challenging Minds, honesty, integrity, reliability, and sincerity are of most importance. We take pride in following through with our commitments while focusing on people’s strengths, needs and aspirations.

The team works to challenge you, ourselves and others to think positively, differently and honestly. We know that change can be difficult, but with the right support and guidance, change can become less challenging and more rewarding.

We encourage people we support as well as their significant others to think a little differently about what’s possible.

Challenging Minds is an incorporated company with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Our Vision

To offer high quality, evidence-based support to people with disability. By supporting people to exercise their choice and control, we believe this provides them the greatest opportunity to be their “best self”.

Our Mission

To inspire people and their supports to better understand and enact positive change using evidence based, person-centered approaches and to actively support people to be their “best self”, whatever that may be.

Our Values

  • Respect, dignity & self-determination regardless of disability, race, sexual preference, or gender
  • Inclusion, choice, participation, & equality of opportunity.
  • Facilitating a supportive space for change
  • Human rights upheld
  • Commitment to social justice
  • Everyone has the right to fully participate in a shared world
  • Integrity & respect
  • Supporting people to “be their best self”

Meet the Team

Meet our team who work with you rater than for you


Peter Veltman



Rachelle Browne

Manager, Behaviour Practitioner


Ranjika Huppatz


Challenging Minds - rocks stacked

Jennifer Heron

Practitioner (Queensland)

Challenging Minds - rocks stacked

Tom Langcake

Practitioner (Alice Springs)

Challenging Minds - rocks stacked

Lilia Reis



Elizabeth Sabino


ChallengingMinds_Staff_Celine Seghers

Celine Seghers

Lead Practitioner


Viola Siso



Gillian Stafford

Intake and Finance Support


Pete Summersby

Administration Support

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