Therapeutic support aims to assist people to gain skills and improve independence. This may include but is not limited to interpersonal social skills development; community living options, supporting someone's Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s), psychosocial barriers and barriers to living your best life.


Here at Challenging Minds, we are able to conduct thorough assessments with the view of writing a comprehensive assessment and recommendations report. This may or may not be specific to behaviours. These reports will assist in the following areas.

  • Recommendations for changes in circumstances
  • Supporting plan reviews
  • Assisting in the design of Supported Independent Living programs
  • Recommending future Specialist Positive Behaviour Support to be included in future NDIS plans
  • Supporting a person’s release from youth/adult correctional facilities


If Positive Behaviour Support is not available in a person’s plan, but where evidence supports the need for this to be included, there may be some limited opportunity to complete an interim behaviour support plan utilising assessment and recommendations funds.


The scope of how this type of support is purposely broad and flexible as it is recognised that everyone’s circumstances and access to suitable resources in unique.

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